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Gretchen Leggitt

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Gretchen Leggitt is a muralist, artist, educator, and business owner based in Bellingham, WA. Her passion for initiating Paper Whale is based on her desire to preserve, protect, and cultivate creative culture in areas where rapid economic growth has historically displaced artists. After 13 years of teaching visual art in academic settings, she has a passion for mentoring creatives and hosting safe spaces for learning, collaborating, and facilitating events that promote diversity, equity, and opportunity in the public art realm. This ethos has resulted in the powerful collaborations that shape Paper Whale projects.

Nick Hartrich

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Nick has spent his 26 years in Bellingham, WA working to inspire and influence creative change in community.  He has built communities and networks to influence global sustainability but his most impactful work is where is heart is, locally.  He moves quick, takes risks and views "yes" as a currency. For those seeking an economically vibrant future that also includes a diversity of artists, storytellers and creatives - he is open to activating ideas into inspiring outcomes.  Paper Whale is one such project, and he invites you to participate.

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