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We present a variety of events and experiences to inspire creatives and enhance arts and culture in the Pacific Northwest.

"The Stegosaurus on the Dashboard" with Jed Dunkerley
Wednesday, March 6,  6:30 - 8:00 PM


Born in Nashville, Seattle-based artist Jed Dunkerley has a long history being a polymathic creative.  He's taught art at Franklin HS since 2004; shown his environmentally-themed paintings with Linda Hodges Gallery, and now Koplin del Rio.


Dunkerley performs original music with bands the Robot Sunsets and Gods of Silicon, curated the Smoke Farm summer arts festival in Arlington, given public art tours for the Seattle Channel's Art Zone, the Out of Sight exhibition, and SAM, MC-ed events and done set design with dinner theater Cafe Nordo.  He has made public performances and installations with arts collaborative PDL, created a lecture series at the Grocery, painted a mural at and done online drawing classes for the Burke Museum, painted signage for MoM and Vito's, worked as a commercial animator, and was a founding member of the Canoe Social Club, where he ran a figure drawing session for 7 years. He's convinced that creative communities make everything better. 

Could this Paper Whale event get any more fun? YES, and come find out why.



Keynote: Jed Dunkerley

Live Artist: Darcie Gray, Artist

Karma Bar supported by Kombucha Town

"Protection of Lucid, Creative Space" with Rockland Art Residency
Wednesday, April 3,  6:30 - 8:00 PM


Rockland Art Residency is designed to be fertile ground for creatives. Rockland carves out space for artists to engage deeply in their creative process by removing obstacles and providing basic needs. Using “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”, Rockland offers the basic and psychological needs of food, shelter, rest, belonging, and freedom of time and space. The residency’s intimate community allows the residents to be together in solitude as they discover more about themselves as an artist.

Join Rockland’s co-founders, Jodi Rockwell and Shawn Landis, to find out how.



Keynote: Jodi Rockwell and Shawn Landis, Rockland Art Residency

Live Artist: TBD

Karma Bar supported by Julian & Company

Noisy Waters Mural Festival 
August 16 - 18, 2024

Erika Rosendale.png

Back for a record-setting second year, the Noisy Waters Mural Festival brings together renowned artists from across North America to participate in a friendly art battle, with prize winners receiving large-scale murals across Bellingham.

More than 35 artists, 3,000 attendees, live art, workshops, mural tours, music, food & drinks,  Noisy Waters is a celebration for your entire family.

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