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Paper Whale is committed to activating arts & culture and we are known to to big things in a short amount of time.  Take a look at what we've done in the recent months.

Noisy Waters Mural Fest | Prize Wall - Shogo Ota


After a successful Mural Festival, Noisy Waters-winning artists returned to Bellingham to complete a series of distinct and remarkable murals across the City skyline.  

Artist: Shogo Ota

Location: Portal Village, 298 W. Laurel Street, Bellingham

Noisy Waters Mural Fest | Prize Wall - Dom Laporte

Dom & ICU.png

Artist: Dom Laporte

Location: Industrial Credit Union, 1100 N. Street, Bellingham

Noisy Waters Mural Fest | Prize Wall - Erika Rosendale


Artist: Erika Rosendale

Location: Natural Systems Design, 203 W. Chestnut Street, Bellingham

Noisy Waters Mural Fest | Prize Wall - Emily Beaudoin

Emily Beaudoin_Chuck.png

Artist: Emily Beaudoin

Location: Chuckanut Builders, 1000 N State Street, Bellingham

Swimming Upstream


A salmon "swimming up upstream" is a metaphorical phrase often used to describe a situation where someone or something is attempting to go against the prevailing circumstances or environment.  It suggests a struggle or challenge against overwhelming odds, as asphalt is not a suitable environment for a salmon to swim in. The metaphor emphasizes the difficulty of the endeavor, a task Paper Whale is redefining in our community.

Artwork created by Max McNett

Location: Corner of Holly & Commercial Streets, downtown Bellingham

The Indigeversal Collective Mural

Indigeversal Collective.png

As the only permanent mural created at the 2023 Noisy Waters Mural Festival, the Indigeversal Collective is a program designed to create uplift for artists from Indigenous communities globally. The purpose is to provide time and space for artists to further develop their craft. Hosted by Paper Whale and KRNT Studios, the Indigeversal Collective is here for the future voices of art! 

This collaboration of featured artists include:

Location: Granary Avenue Bridge, below the Granary Ave entrance to the Waterfront, Bellingham (between the skate park and the Granary Building)

The Portal Whale

Max Whale.jpg

This Paper Whale supported artwork covers the 8'x20' Rotating Container Shop located inside the Portal Village at Bellingham's Waterfront.  This container is home to a rotating tap of artists selling their unique creations to the community.  A list of artists scheduled to host space is located here.

Artwork created by Max McNett

Location: The Portal Container Village, 206 W. Laurel Street, Bellingham

Honoring the Salish Sea

Honoring the Salish Sea.jpeg

This 10-piece installation celebrates the living life of the Salish Sea.  It honors the Coast Salish ancestors of this land, from Lummi, Nooksack, Samish and Semiahmoo people. As the highway for the Coast Salish people, this body of water has served as transport and a lifeline for over 10,000 years.  It is a reminder that for as long the Coast Salish Sea has taken care of us, it is our responsibility to take care of Her.  The installation is located on the land of Whatcom: the place where the creeks, rivers, and waters join together.  


This project was a combined effort between artists Jason LaClair, Eagle Borsey, Raven Borsey, and Gretchen Leggitt.  Additional support was provided by Children of the Setting Sun Productions and Paper Whale.     Print by Signs Plus and installation supported provided by The Port of Bellingham.

Location: Boardmill Building, West Laurel Street, Bellingham

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