Northwest artist Gretchen Leggitt's murals, fine art and products depict her unique perspectives of the natural world, encapsulating the energetic movement of the elements and the nuanced geometry of topography. 

Her colorful murals can be found across the country, including the largest in the state of Washington, spanning over 22,000 square feet.

Artist MacMcNett.JPG

Max McNett is a local artist, born and raised in the mossy forests of Blanchard Mountain. Incubated in nature and nurtured by a family of creatives, his imagination was hatched into a world of continuous exploration and discovery.  Working as an illustrator in Bellingham, his artistic career has led him through many mediums and many different adventures.  Whether it's painted on a massive wall, printed on a beer can label, or intricately carved from a river agate, his art playfully reflects his constant wonder surrounding the natural world.



Adrian Sinclair.jpg

As VMF is a free, accessible public event featuring hundreds of new pieces of artwork in public spaces, Adrian Sinclair has his work cut out for him in hearing and supporting the needs of our community partners, neighbors and local businesses.  He is co-founder and Director of Engagement at VMF, where he leads on developing public programs and community-engaged public art that aim to build a more equitable, just and inclusive city. Adrian is driven to support the production of public art and programming that weave together artistic expression, community-empowerment, criticality and celebration. He is on the board of directors of The BC Mobile Sauna Society. Adrian completed his MA in Philosophy, specializing in Queer Theory, Embodiment, and Phenomenology at The University of Western Ontario.


Sarah Finger is the artist behind the local printmaking studio Skyline Printworks. Sarah was born and raised on an organic farm in Whatcom County, and she has been shaped into the person and artist that she is today by the natural splendor of the Pacific Northwest and the strong, vibrant community of Bellingham and Whatcom County. Her process involves hand-carving her intricate designs into wood or linoleum blocks, which then get inked up and pressed onto paper in her home studio in Bellingham. Sarah's work comes from a deep connection to her home and a broader love of the natural world, and she is grateful for the opportunity to share that passion through her artwork


Kaplan Bunce

The artist Kaplan aka Kapache1 is an Apache native artist and the father of three  daughters ages 16, 13 and 2 years old. His work is heavily inspired by his Native American  cultural roots as well as an expression of visual prayer. His range goes from assemblage  sculptural works and panel pieces to large scale murals that can be found around the  continental United States and Hawaii. His approach to art is heavily influenced by his  cultural background as well as in home construction and fine finish carpentry. The high  perfection level or sometimes lack of come from his work in the field. Color is a large part  of Kaplan’s work which is inspired by textiles from around the world as well as surf and  skate culture. Kaplan hopes to inspire humans to live a good life, full of contribution to our  communities as well as draw awareness to Native American culture and values with his  work.


Jason LaClair is a 38-year-old Artist from the Lummi Nation and Nooksack and a lifelong resident of Whatcom County.  Raised around several carvers and artists he was inspired to start his own journey at the age of nine.   For many years he practiced in Northern Formline Art and today has been learning and practicing in his Coast Salish Art.  Simple yet deliberate style with designs that were used for spindle whirls and expressions of spirituality.

Jason's most recent works include the 2022 Happy Valley Elementary "Salmon Egg" Mural, 2022 Whatcom Intergenerational High School "Generations" Mural, and the "Salmon Run Mural" in downtown Bellingham. 


Duffy DeArmas

Duffy De Armas is a partner and founder of House of Sorcery and one half of the artist duo, Electric Coffin. He has spent his career exploring ways to push beyond the formal boundaries of art and creativity. By approaching the commercial world through an art lens and bringing the refinement of modern process and material to folk craft, his goal is to highlight the value of intersecting art and commerce in our daily lives.

Stefan Hofmann

Stefan Hofmann is the other half of Electric Coffin, a studio in Seattle, Washington. Electric Coffin is a process-driven studio, coming from a long lineage of high craftsmanship and material-based making. The conceptual narrative defines each project and how the team moves through it. They generally work with architects and developers to create new spaces or to develop fine art installations on large-scale projects. 

Stefan Hofmann is also a founder of Spacecraft Collective clothing, which is sold at retailers nationwide. Spacecraft has always been about the process of making and experimentation. Though not always the quickest or easiest route, this method of interaction yields highly refined offerings of art and product.


Sienna Dawn uses paint as a vehicle for self-discovery of the body, mind,  spirit, and the natural world. Bright colors become therapeutic while living in the gray of the pacific northwest.  Inspired by the photography of her travels, she uses digital and manual manipulation of each moment to create acrylic paintings that are both simple and beautiful.

Christopher Remmers

Christopher Remmers is an American painter based in the Pacific Northwest. His dynamic and imaginative paintings are inspired by classical realism and mythology. Widely recognized for his large-scale paintings and fanciful subjects, his canvases are often imbued with symbolism, allegory, and a sense of mystery. Remmers has studied under the tutelage of California-based artist Virgil Elliot, author
of Traditional Oil Painting, as well as artist Tenaya Sims at Georgetown Atelier, a traditional painting program in Seattle, Washington, where Remmers now also teaches.


In recent years, he has received significant recognition in the United States, exhibiting his works through 33 Contemporary in Chicago, Abend Gallery in Denver, and Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, among others. Additionally, he has been a four-time finalist in the International Art Renewal Center (ARC) Salon Competition, with his
painting Zain winning third place in the 15th International ARC Salon in the “Imaginative Realism” category.  Presently, his work can be found in private collections around the world.


Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan.jpeg

The work of artist team Haddad|Drugan is an experimental inquiry into methods of manipulating environmental phenomena in the built environment with a goal of inventing provocative experiences dynamic at different speeds, scales, vantages, and light conditions. Fusing the temporal with the spatial and the conceptual with the functional, the art engages with its context to form a continuously transforming medium of exchange between systems, ideas, and interventions.

Jax Mildner.png

Born and raised in Whatcom County, Jax Mildner is a self taught visual artist. She works in large scale fluid acrylics, translating the organic, ethereal beauty of the natural world onto canvas. While her art is not directly representational, she plays with repetitive patterns, bio mimicry and scale to create art that feels satisfying, balanced and deeply familiar. In embracing the spirit of experimentation, her work evolves with each iteration, just as nature changes and adapts with the seasons. She aims to bring the outside in, as a reminder to look closely; to never lose that fascination and appreciation for the incredible natural world that surrounds us.