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make it beautiful

As a non-profit entity steeped in scaling public art, Paper Whale supports businesses and public agencies by curating diverse artists and muralists for contract.  

Paper Whale's Mural Accelerator

Sundial Mural.jpg

"Make it Beautiful" is Paper Whale's mural accelerator.  With more than 30 murals under our belt and collaboration with over 50 artists, our team of advisors can counsel your business on the ins and outs of completing a mural.  Tips on what to strive for and circumstances to avoid.

From providing a list of qualified global muralists and local artists, projected timeline, and cost, we're here to help you achieve your next big, bright, and colorful dream.

As a non-profit, Paper Whale receives a 10% mural curation fee, from design to completion.

For more information, please contact us here.

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