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Aaron Straight, Senior Creative Director + Principal, Soulcraft Allstars

Aaron Straight is a storyteller. For the last two decades across Africa, Haiti, Central America, and the USA, Aaron Straight has used the power of film and story to empower people and the planet. While Aaron has worked with heads of state and Fortune 500 companies, he’s far more likely to tell you about his work with rural farmers and indigenous communities from Alaska to Guatemala to Uganda. Aaron has helped raise well over $100 million using his storytelling skills for the likes of the Seattle Foundation, Heifer International, and Global Partnerships, and reached millions of viewers for such clients as Amazon Kindle, Adidas, and the Bill + Melinda Gates Foundation. 


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Amy Chaloupka, Curator of Art, Whatcom Museum

Amy Chaloupka, Curator of Art at the Whatcom Museum and chair of the Bellingham Arts Commission, has worked with museums and artists for over 12 years to develop exhibition programming. Her hope in bringing installations and curated  exhibitions to any art community, and to Bellingham specifically, is to open the door to experiences in a non-intimidating manner so all feel invited into the experience. She approaches this task by presenting a broad range of ideas and access points that promote inclusion, wonder, and scholarly questioning through multi-layered projects.



Anne-Marie Faiola, Founder / Chief Executive Officer, Brambleberry

Anne-Marie is passionate about creativity and believes it’s essential for everyone. That passion led her to found Bramble Berry Handcraft Provisions in 1999. Through Bramble Berry she’s able to inspire, cheerlead, coach, and lead their 60,000 customers - most of whom are small businesses that sell soap at farmers markets.


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Sukanya Paciorek Senior Principal at Rocky Mountain Institute

Sukanya (Suki) Paciorek is a Senior Principal at Rocky Mountain Institute, helping to lead their Carbon-Free Buildings practice. She moved to Bellingham from Brooklyn NY in 2019 where she spent the previous 18 years working in the sustainability, real estate and energy industries. Most recently she was the Director of Special Projects at the Whatcom Community Foundation working on a mixed used community development project and the COO at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a waterfront economic development zone. 


Gretchen Leggitt.jpeg

Gretchen Leggitt, Artist and Creative

Gretchen Leggitt's art explores a diverse range of subject and medium, evidence of her passion for expansive investigations of the creative world. An avid adventurer and traveler, Gretchen's playful subjects are mused by influential places that have caught her eye along the way. Many of her patterns and landscapes are reflections of her roots in the Southwest, along with the cultural and natural influence of her current home in the Pacific Northwest. She resides, recreates and creates in Bellingham, WA.


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Nick Kelly, Creative Director, Faithlife

Nick is an outdoor fanatic leading a team of designers, writers and videographers for Faithlife. He has lived in a lot of cool places and is always looking for ways to help Bellingham to realize its potential.



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Nick Hartrich, CEO & Vibe Chancellor, Six Degrees

Nick has spent his 24 years in Bellingham working to inspire and influence creative change in our community.  His reckless optimism isn’t everyone's cup of tea, and for those seeking an economically vibrant future that also includes our artists, storytellers and creatives - he is open to activating ideas into inspiring outcomes.  Paper Whale is one such project, and he invites you to participate.